GPS Options?

coldinvt at coldinvt at
Mon Nov 15 16:30:29 PST 2010

I LOVE my Zumo 550! On the bike, in my car or rentals, across the country!
Garmina is an indispensable travel companion.

She's "misled" me a few times, but that's because she's often required to
figure out an shortcut from BFE to BFW via the Middle of F**king Nowhere,
so my fault there.

One point I can't comment on about the NuVi, but that I like about the
Zumo is motorcycle-specific design & durability. It's
water/heat/cold/shock resistant, which justifies a chunk of the change
they ask for these things... It's got bluetooth and a couple other things
I don't use, but the MP3 player is nice for longer rides.


> Any recommendations for a car/motorcycle unit?
> Mahalo!
> Robert

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