GPS Options?

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I'm using the Garmin 76C, which has a small screen, but it is waterproof
and I have been well satisfied with it for the past 5 years. The buttons
work easing with a gloved finger

I designed my own mount for the GPZ, which is available for anyone who
wants it.

Art in TO

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I was given a Garmin Zumo 660 (I never would have bought one myself,
being a
cheap bastard). I bought a rubberized/sticky dashboard mount for it and
worked perfectly on a family trip to disneyland last spring. My wife
uses it
frequently in the car. No problems, intuitive interface, seems to work
perfectly. Supposedly it does a lot of other crap (MP3 etc.) but I'm not
smart enough to do that.

Course for the price you could buy about half a GPz these days. But the
lower level Zumos have great reviews also.

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> Any recommendations for a car/motorcycle unit?
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Utah Jeff
'96 SheePz1100
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