jim & another the blustery day

Paul Landry p_landry at telus.net
Sat Nov 20 10:22:55 PST 2010


Congrats on the latest Grandchild and glad to hear you are healing well..
Good to see you have not lost your sense of humour..  

This is starting to sound a like a movie for the "Friday Night Fright
Festival"!..    The "Attack of the Tree's"..    ;-O
Maybe you should keep to open spaces for a little while!..  ;-D

I know some of the areas you talked about in your ride report having come
from Peterborough years ago.  It has been years since I was back and two
wheeled in the area though.

Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at telus.net


Subject: jim & another the blustery day

If you want some dejavue
Marilyn and I just drove to the cottage in Westmeath.  We wanted to check
the progress of the contractor who is raising the cottage to install a
foundation under it.  And in the words of my dear departed mother "I needed
to get the smell blown off me.
Marilyn stopped the RAV4 1/2 way down the driveway wondering whether to park
there of continue the 100 yards to the cottage and the constuction
equipment.  The choice was made for us when a dead 40 foot elm tree snapped
off in the wind and fell across the driveway 10 feet in front of the car.

JHC maybe you're right Ralph and they are Out to get me!!!


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