Replacement for GPZ and Trip in California?

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Tue Oct 26 17:46:08 PDT 2010

...never pay attention to Suzuki's anyway ;-)

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I think you're mixing up the pre-2007 Bandit 1200's and the current 
Bandit 1250's.

The 1250 is water cooled and fuel-injected.  It's a torque-laden 
sweetheart of a bike to ride.

It's my wife's "big bike" for touring or just having fun going fast.  
For her it's a bit heavy at 550-some pounds;  we did lower the 
suspension so she could get her feet on the ground more firmly; and of 
course, she's added a couple of decorations that sorta embarrass me to 
be seen on it. :)

On 10/26/2010 5:23 PM, John Soliday wrote:
> ...yeah, but it's "oil cooled" vs. our modern GPZ's with water cooling ;-)
> I'm not sure if the 1250 motor is more "crisp" as it's carb's just like
> GPZ unless I missed a model year somewhere.
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