Replacement for GPZ and Trip in California?

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I migrated from my GPZ to an 02 Triumph Sprint ST, then added an 02 Triumph Tiger this year. Both models pop up at nice prices, with full OEM luggage, at decent prices around here. The 955i motor is amazingly capable and seems to be bulletproof so far.  The EFI is perfect, they both have torque galore and a high end rush, the running gear seems to be well designed for their respective missions, not built to a price point. Amazing 3 cyl. exhaust note (with or without a pipe). Highly recommended!

Mark R


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So next time some year, I'll be doing a vacation tour of California (heck, I might even visit Peter in Utah).

I was thinking of fixing my dormant GPZ (bad carbs, new chain/etc) and shipping it over.
Shipping will be about $600-700... And I'm not sure how much $$$ to get it road worthy.

Another option is to just bite the bullet and get another bike when I was there...
Looking at Craigslist I saw a Bandit 1250s/ABS.

It's a few months away... But I'm open to suggestions..

And yes... I'm an idiot for letting my bike sit and decay.. :(



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