Hard (impossible) to start

blackbear at frontiernet.net blackbear at frontiernet.net
Sat Apr 9 07:42:14 PDT 2011

Ok, continuation from my original question last year.

The Geep was getting progressively harder to start.  Before I put it away last year, I had ridden it to the gas station.
Now, normally the bike starts fine once it is warmed up....only when it was cold would it be hard to start.  That day at the gas station, even after a long ride, it was hard to start.

today, I decided to wake up the poor thing.
Charged the battery......cranked forever but no start.

After reading the comments here, and before i spent $75 on an AGM battery, I decided to jump the bike from my Jeep.
Nothing.   Cranked strong....smelled gas....no start.

I'm thinking, since it used to 'backfire' (it actually went through the exhaust, not the carbs) that it's getting plenty of fuel, just not getting spark.

The wife is even suggesting I sell it and get something else.

Help save my Geeper?

Michael (disappointed) in Holley, NY

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