Hard (impossible) to start

Les Johnson jjohnsonlta at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 19:29:32 PDT 2011


     Have you gotten anywhere on your starting problem?

 I know after my bike has sat for extend period a shot of starting
fluid should  produce results if all is somewhat well. I take off air
cleaner cover a spay in there.

  My bike has always been a little different starting. I start mine (
even in real cold weather ) by cranking with no choke. It starts right
up then before it dies I put the choke on almost full. It speeds the
rpm up and in the next couple mins I can drive off no problem. I am
not sure if I have some sort of problem but this has been how I have
started since I bought it used. It seems to run a little rough if I
hold it at a steady throttle at low rpm. Once I give it gas from there
it runs fine. I had the carbs off once but they were real clean inside
so as far as I know there ok.

    LJ 96 GPZ1100

On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 7:42 AM, blackbear at frontiernet.net
<blackbear at frontiernet.net> wrote:
> Ok, continuation from my original question last year.
> The Geep was getting progressively harder to start.  Before I put it away last year, I had ridden it to the gas station.
> Now, normally the bike starts fine once it is warmed up....only when it was cold would it be hard to start.  That day at the gas station, even after a long ride, it was hard to start.
> today, I decided to wake up the poor thing.
> Charged the battery......cranked forever but no start.
> After reading the comments here, and before i spent $75 on an AGM battery, I decided to jump the bike from my Jeep.
> Nothing.   Cranked strong....smelled gas....no start.
> Suggestions?
> I'm thinking, since it used to 'backfire' (it actually went through the exhaust, not the carbs) that it's getting plenty of fuel, just not getting spark.
> The wife is even suggesting I sell it and get something else.
> Help save my Geeper?
> Michael (disappointed) in Holley, NY
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