Coolant drain for carbs

Paul Heim pmheimjr at
Tue Apr 12 02:43:53 PDT 2011

Jim, you're imagining things.  Too much time snowbound, watching the History 
Channel...  In any event, I didn't think any of the US models had the 
coolant to the carbs.

Paul in Ohio

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From: Marilyn Mason
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Subject: Coolant drain for carbs

Kawasaki actually has this set up for an after market boost system.  This
would be along the same lines as the water injection boost systems installed
in various WWII fighter aircraft (P51 Mustang, Corsair). The injection of
the water and/or alcohol cools the cylinder and increases to octane of the
fuel creating more horse power.
In the fighters it was a 10 second "save your ass" to get you out of harms
way.  It was also used to increase power in some planrs for take off.


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