she'trying to tell me something..

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If you don't find an oil pan...  JB Weld!  Or maybe hi temp silicone sealer.

Paul in Ohio

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The geepers pissed I didn't ride her much last year..
She's had a intermittant electrical probelem - more of a nuisance - but it's 
been smoking like crazy from oil getting on the headers. Turns out the Oil 
pan has corroded through where the banjo bolt attaches for the oil cooler. 
It's gonna need a new oil pan. It's geting so it needs other work also - 
have to decide how much time and money I wanna sink into it. The engine 
seems as strong as ever at 166,000 miles though, If anyone has a oil pan for 
sale - let me know what you want for it.

   Pete Staniforth
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