she'trying to tell me something..

Steven Bixby steven at
Tue Apr 12 16:15:02 PDT 2011

Hey, I resemble that!

I... <ahem> ...    managed to "stub" my ST1300's oil pan on a curb 
thingy in a parking lot.  The curb block was only about 18" wide and 
since the ST's fairing is pretty good-sized (and my brain increasingly 
small), I didn't realize it was there, bumped the front wheel over, and 
the oil pan *onto* the curb block.  !@#)$(*@_#()*@#$!!!

So I got a fracture in one corner, and a new oil pan would have been 
something like $236 -  big-ouch.   Wallet *and* ego.   I saw that some 
people had used JBWeld for this purpose on their own ST's for similar 
damage, so I figured "what the heck" and gave it a try.  It came out 
*great* and does not leak!

With yours being damaged around the banjo-bolt hole, I think what I'd do 
is apply a reasonable amount of release compound to a suitably sized 
bolt or all-thread portion, thread it in, *then* do the JBWeld trick.  
Theoretically you can then back out the bolt , file down the flat for 
the banjo washer and hook it back up.

Might be worth a try, worst case, you get another pan.

On 4/12/2011 4:07 PM, Paul Heim wrote:
> Pete:
> If you don't find an oil pan...  JB Weld!  Or maybe hi temp silicone sealer.
> Regards,
> Paul in Ohio

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