Sticking clutch on 96 GPZ 1100

Les Johnson jjohnsonlta at
Sat Apr 30 07:24:32 PDT 2011

       Thanks sounds like a piece of cake to do. I'll be sure and let
everyone know if this solves problem with sticking clutch.

      Les J.

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 4:01 PM, Steve Clark <clarks at> wrote:
> The expanded generic approach is:
> First - Drain Oil or lay bike on left side maybe on some old tires
> If Oil drained cleanish soak new friction plates for at least 30 minutes
> stirring occasionally
> If bike laided on side: cut top off clutch plate bag add motorcycle oil, mix
> well, rearranging occasionally for coverage
>> Remove Clutch cover
> Take a few Pictures.
> Spin out the 5 or 6 bolts with springs.
> Look at the clutch plates for how they sit before removal - the outermost
> friction plate may sit different in the clutch basket
>> Take old plates off
> Keep the metal and friction plates in order, look for a difference in
> thickness and if there is, identify to yourself where they belong in the
> assembly order. (you could make notes).  Inspect metal plates for burning,
> scoring or warping.
> Sub in the new plates for the used ones.
>> Reverse process
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