Sticking clutch on 96 GPZ 1100

Steve Clark clarks at
Fri Apr 29 16:01:33 PDT 2011

The expanded generic approach is:

First - Drain Oil or lay bike on left side maybe on some old tires
If Oil drained cleanish soak new friction plates for at least 30 minutes 
stirring occasionally
If bike laided on side: cut top off clutch plate bag add motorcycle oil, mix 
well, rearranging occasionally for coverage
> Remove Clutch cover
Take a few Pictures.
Spin out the 5 or 6 bolts with springs.
Look at the clutch plates for how they sit before removal - the outermost 
friction plate may sit different in the clutch basket
> Take old plates off
Keep the metal and friction plates in order, look for a difference in 
thickness and if there is, identify to yourself where they belong in the 
assembly order. (you could make notes).  Inspect metal plates for burning, 
scoring or warping.

Sub in the new plates for the used ones.

> Reverse process

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