carb questions

Tom Wheeler the74impala at
Wed Aug 10 18:14:25 PDT 2011

Well I got it back together, and I can't get it to idle for crap without screwing with the choke, and it won't stay running if I goes below 2k.  It is smooth reving to 11k, but idle is a no go.  It was like this before, but worse, and I was hoping cleaning things up in the bowl again would get me in good shape.  One of the floats was stuck when I took it apart, but was moving nicely after a little wiggling.  Before it was a "miss" sound, now it is pretty smooth, but just won't idle right.  Anyone have any suggestions?
Also, I noticed the stock main jet size is 108, and the stage 1 kit says to place the 104 with stock exhaust and filters.  Does that sound right? TomLouisville 		 	   		  

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