carb questions

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Wed Aug 10 18:59:37 PDT 2011


The jet numbering system is different between Dynojet jets and the
stock jets so the numbers don't mean anything in relation to each
other.  If the kit said to use their 104's you did it correctly.

Did you clean/replace the pilot jets?  It sort of sounds like a
clogged pilot circuit.

Charles S.

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 7:14 PM, Tom Wheeler <the74impala at> wrote:
> Well I got it back together, and I can't get it to idle for crap without screwing with the choke, and it won't stay running if I goes below 2k.  It is smooth reving to 11k, but idle is a no go.  It was like this before, but worse, and I was hoping cleaning things up in the bowl again would get me in good shape.  One of the floats was stuck when I took it apart, but was moving nicely after a little wiggling.  Before it was a "miss" sound, now it is pretty smooth, but just won't idle right.  Anyone have any suggestions?
> Also, I noticed the stock main jet size is 108, and the stage 1 kit says to place the 104 with stock exhaust and filters.  Does that sound right? TomLouisville
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