Any other original owners?

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Sun Dec 4 12:24:27 PST 2011

I was not an original owner.  I don't have Rapid Ruby any more.  I do miss 
that nice roll on throttle and hearing the engine spooling up like a 
turbine.  I also miss being able to eat $60,000.00 Corvettes for breakfast.
I became the 2nd owner in September 1998.  I paid $5500.00 CDN ($3,300.00 
USA$ at the time) .  She had 5,500 km (3,300 miles).  I sold her in 2008 
with 66,000 km.  I don't remember a day I didn't smile riding her.  I do 
remember a few times getting off in a cold sweat from scaring the shit out 
of myself.  Probably did my old cardiovascular system some good.

I bought a 2003 Suzuki Vstrom 1000 to  ride the Trans Labrador Highway with 
Steve, Mike, Bruce and Bill.
Ruby was not designed for 1500 km of gravel roads and I couldn't afford the 
insurance on both.
 It was a great 10 years.  Met a hell of a lot of nice people and saw more 
of Canada and the USA in that 10 years than I had in the previous 51.
The Suzuki has no where near the engine of the GPz but it does have the 
suspension to ride on the frost heaved roads of Ontario, Quebec, the 
Maritimes and new England.
I believe it was Rob Schwartz who mentioned there is local hockey team in 
Burlington VT called the "Frost Heaves".   We have some roads here that 
resemble Georgian Bay running a 6 foot swell.
I'm typing this slow cause I know Charles can't read fast.
Have to go get bread out of the oven.


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