Last ride of the year

Marilyn Mason masonjs at
Tue Dec 6 07:43:59 PST 2011

Well it won't go down as a memorable ride other than its the first time I 
have ever ridden a street bike in December in Ontario.
I had finished putting up all the outside Christmas lights and noticed the 
snow had all melted and the driveway was dry as was the highway.
I had planned a 50 km loop out to Douglas and back around through Haley's 
Station.  I wasn't 4 km from home when it started spitting rain.  By the 
time I was at the high school 12 km away it was coming down pretty hard. 
Since the temperature was only +2C (36F) I didn't wish to locate a patch of 
ice and do a repeat of the hospital stay I had last year, I turned around 
and went home.  I did get the oil warm enough to make it easy to change and 
fresh fuel in the tank.


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