Any other original owners?

Paul Landry p_landry at
Sun Dec 4 20:09:15 PST 2011

Late coming to this discussion.

I bought my GPz in the summer of 2000 with 1600 Km on the clock second hand.
It was purchased new by the 1st owner in 1997 in Prince Rupert BC (Way up the coast) and only really has one road you can ride.
So the previous owner after 3 yrs. Realized he was not going to get enough use of it, ferried it down to Vancouver BC to the local dealer who knew I was looking for something like the GPz.
He called me when he saw it and I rushed over.  One quick test ride and the deposit was paid and back that weekend to complete the deal.

$6300 (but after a Joe Rocket suit, taxes, etc. was ~ $7500).
That summer the GPz (almost stock except for the added Givi bags) ran coast to coast round trip in Canada.
Total mileage is now @ 75,000 KM (~ 46, 875 Miles) with numerous updates and add-ons.

I have really liked this bike but after 12 years and all those miles I am really getting the itch for something different (would have to search long and hard to find anything better than the GPz, at least for the type of riding I like to do) so I have it listed for sale as of this fall.  It is the wrong time of the year to be selling, but thought I would put it out there and see.  I have it listed on the high side of the Blue Book value but it is in excellent shape and I am in no hurry to sell it.  If it goes, fine, if not, then I ride it!..  ;-D
In truth the value the bike has is much greater to me than what the market value is (isn't that always the way!..)

The next one that has caught my attention is the Triumph 1050 Tiger.  So far will have to go new as there are not any used in this part of the country that I have seen.  Was at the local Yamaha dealer yesterday and saw a 2011 FJR 1300 brand new, CDN list is $20, 552  and is now down to $15, 550.  Still more than I would like to spend but is damn tempting!..  

Motorcycle show is only 6 weeks away!!..  and a few more after that for riding season..  

Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at

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