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Hi Alex,

 As others have stated, it sounds like your stem bearings are worn. However, if you've had them replaced/checked, they may just need tightening. For some unknown reason, my bike regularly (maybe twice a year) required the locking collar tightened up a notch or two. Never worked out why, as the bearings themselves are fine (and have been replaced). Just one of the quirks of my bike, perhaps, but it's worth a mention.

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 Hey List, this morning I wanted to go to work with the bike (after four days in Bern I had a Geneva day yesterday and wanted to benefit .. and take the bike..) but did not. Here's why. When I'm taking off I sometimes test the brakes. Once the back one to the point where the wheel blocks, then, less often, the front brake until it blocks, too. Both to check the brakes and to make me aware of how the bike reacts. The rear brake test went fine, but the front brake test sucked: When the wheel hit the blocking point, the steering slammed back and forth, just a little bit. I tried three times in a row just to make sure it was not an illusion, stopped and tested while standing: When I hit the front brake, I can move the whole column back and forth a few mm. Here's how the stem looks: Based on my brief understanding there can't really be anything broken *that* badly in the steering, so I assume that loosening the steering (T1 on p13-2 of the shop manual), tightening the stem and fixing it again should do the trick? cheers Alex -- Netzwerkmanagement mit OpenNMS: ______________________________________________________________________ GENERAL GPZList MAILING LIST INFORMATION: This is from the GPZList mailing list. GPZList at You subscribed to this mailing list. Therefore, you solicited all mail that you receive from this list. Therefore, ANY mail that you receive from this list is, by definition, NOT Spam, and if you report it as such, you are violating the terms of service. To unsubscribe, you may send email to gpzlist-unsubscribe at ______________________________________________________________________ YOUR PERSONAL SUBSCRIBER OPTIONS: Unsubscribe or choose new options at You are subscribed at the email address SWHITE at ______________________________________________________________________

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