Spit sputter STINK

Don Wilcox leanintree at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 19:08:16 PDT 2011

Before I dig in, I thought I'd ask the assembled... early last week leaving
work, the GPZ was giving me a sputter at higher RPM's (but it may have
attributed to wider throttle opening). I took a couple backroads home and
spent a little time running it WOT to try and clean up whatever was causing
the burble, tossed some Seafoam in on top of new gas and it seemed to clean
up within a day. Actually, it seemed like something just came loose, and it
just started to run like it should. When it was burbling, there was also a
heavy gas odor, that polluted the garage bad enough  for the wifey to
complain about it's presence in the garage.

I rode it all last week, no problem, and on Sunday ran 300 miles of without
any real problems. Rode to work this morning just fine, and on the way home,
it did it AGAIN. Spit sputter, and STINK. I could smell it at every light,
and the wifey hollered about the smell in the garage.

So... just off the cuff, what do you folks think? Although it's stinky, it's
not hydrolocking (or the cylinders haven't filled up enough), and the oil
doesn't stink like the last time it hydrolocked from a sticky float.
Thoughts before I dig in?

Don in GJ

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