Decalifornication instructions

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Tue Jun 28 19:44:36 PDT 2011

1)  Remove two screws from left inner fairing.
2)  Remove seat.
3)  Remove left side cover.
4)  Remove two bolts (10mm) from tank.
5)  Pull three hoses off tank.
6)  Pull two hoses off petcock.
7)  Turn to page 32-33 of service manual.
8)  Remove top (yellow, hose #7, carburetor vent hose) from canister (#10)
follow this hose to carburetor.  There is an intersection in this hose
that runs between carburetor #1 and #2.  Another intersection runs
towards the vacuum valve (#6) and this hose also runs between carburetors
#3 and #4.
9)  Cut this hose (#7) before first intersection. (This is the vent hose
and must stay open)
10) Cut this hose (#7) again after second intersection and plug.  This
hose is indicated as the stripped hose going back to the vacuum valve
11) Remove middle (blue, hose #14, breather hose) from canister (#10).
This vacuum hose goes to the separator (#16).  This hose is completely
12) Remove the lower (green, hose #15, purge hose) from canister (#10).
This hose goes to the air cleaner housing (#12).  Cut this hose at the
air cleaner housing and plug.

By now all the hoses are off of the canister (#10).

13) Remove the canister.

There is a hose coming from the front of carburetor #3 with a white line
on it.  (Hose #13 the vacuum hose.)  This hose runs to an intersection
that splits and goes to the separator (#16) and to the vacuum valve (#6).

14) Cut this hose above the carburetors and plug.

By now all the hoses are off the vacuum valve (#6)
15) Remove the vacuum valve.
16) Cut the red hose (#9, return hose, middle hose coming from gas tank)
and plug.

This hose will drain fuel when the tank is full.
I would leave this hose long enough to direct any fuel that might get
through the plug away from the engine, exhaust and rear tire.

17) Leave the breather hose #8 off the tank.  This hose must be left open
or off.

By now all the hoses are off the separator (#16)

18) Remove the separator.
You are now decanistered.

Charles S.
"It's never too late to have a happy childhood"

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 6:52 PM, Don Wilcox <leanintree at> wrote:
> Can someone send me a new copy of the decalifornication instructions?
> (Emmissions removal) I'm still having my stinky issue, and I wan to verify a
> couple of things (like what hose to LEAVE hooked up)
> Thanks guys!
> Don in GJ
> PS: anyone ever have issues with the breather setup? I think that's what I'm
> tracing...

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