Randy noneofyourbusiness tuner_delorean at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 16:06:15 PDT 2011

I didnt let mine sleep completely, but I didnt manage but 500 or so miles all winter, I noticed it was steering hard last week, & checked it, of course air pressure was a little low, added to front, went to top up the back tire, & valve stem broke, or split, when I hooked compressor to it.
new valve stem, & adjusted chain, lubed. & back out riding. 
I was supposed to take a friend on a 150 mile ride, 300 mile round trip, but things didnt work out, he got a new job, & was supposed to have me take him back to pick up his truck, but his new company wont let him take the tractor home so he has to leave his truck there, I dont think he is going to stay there because of that. he is a truck driver, & will have to bring truck to terminal before he will be allowed to go home. thats not what he was told on phone before his orientation. 300 mile trips on his personal vehicle supposedely home every 2 weeks, & his 4wd surburban gets 15mpg. he has been an owner operator, but with price of fuel he decided to park his truck & work for someone else for a while, & let them pay for his fuel, & truck upkeep.
also I was supposed to go to a party sat, the 19th in WV, but it was cancelled, so I am just looking for another reason to go somewhere. 
with any luck I will get a few hundred on it next week, if nothing more than going back & forth to work. 

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From: Alexander Finger <af at genevainformation.ch>
Subject: Yaawn..
To: "Randy" <tuner_delorean at yahoo.com>
Date: Friday, March 18, 2011, 4:14 PM

..I woke up the GPZ last week with a new battery, this week she got a
new front tire..and I had a look at the GTR1400 again..hmm..better
than the z1000sx I think..oh, and tire pressure was low..2 instead of
2.9 :-o
Spring, anyone?

rgds from France :)


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