Marilyn Mason masonjs at nrtco.net
Sun Mar 20 07:54:23 PDT 2011

My bike is still sitting in the garage where the "Good Samaritin" dropped it 
off after my accident.  All I've done is remove the battery and access the 
damage. My Xmas presents were  Ebay parts to replace the damaged ones.  I'll 
replace those once the weather warms up enough that my fingers don't weld 
themselves to the cold metal.
My wind shield and upper fairing have rub marks on them from the tree 
branches.  Any one have a good product for buffing these out?  I'll get the 
fairing and top box repainted when a friend Cliff is ready to paint the 71 
Super Bee he is restoring.
I'm back from a month in Tucson Arizona.  Friday afternoon my son in law 
talked me into going coyote hunting.  The month in the south didn't do much 
for my stamina in the cold.  After 2.5 hours of sitting in a blind at near 
freezing temperatures with a cold wind blowing off Georian Bay I was froze 
stiffer than a teenager's dick and I had another 1.5 hours until sunset.  I 
almost shot a wild turkey that passed by just so I could open it up and 
shove my hands inside it to warm them up.

Jim who is finding it takes longer to heal the older you get 

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