Question regarding the Kawasaki graphics

Jeffrey Walker walkerjl at
Mon Mar 21 21:21:50 PDT 2011

I know that this may be sacrilege to some, but I want to know how difficult
it is to remove the GPz graphics.  I want to touch up the black plastic on
my lowers where there's rock and sand dings from the front tire over the

I am currently getting my (stock) exhaust powder coated with a ceramic
coating that is rated for 2000 degrees F.  It is a semi-gloss black color,
and will cover the chrome on the mufflers in black too (it's impossible to
use a two-color coat with the ceramic coating process, and the entire
process takes 5 days in the oven to cure.)

So I'm thinking that basic black is in.  I'll touch up what I can on the
engine, and totally repaint the fairing lowers in black with a plastic
bumper paint.

I'm thinking that some judicious use of my heat gun coupled with some 'Goo
Gone' might do the trick?

Thanks much,

Jeff in WA

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