Bike's back

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I'd check the vacuum line from the carbs to the petcock (will the bike run 
with the petcock in "Prime" position?)  I've heard of several cases where 
mechanics at dealerships failed to find a leak in the vacuum line.  Really 
makes you wonder what you're paying for..

Paul in Ohio

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Just got the GPZ back from the shop, and i have to say I'm quite 
Oh, they got it to start and idle ok, but if I try to give it any throttle 
other than a tiny bit at a time, the engine quits.  Not sure if it is 
bogging down, or starving.
Plus, they broke one of the tabs off the back of the cover for the airbox. 
That little black plastic decorative cover on the left side.

$400+ later, and i still can't ride the bike.  And they were trying to say 
that my petcock is bad, leaking gasoline, and that it could cause a 
starvation problem.  Well, is it leaking, or starving the engine?

For those interested, here's a few pics of what they did.

#1 - the back of the airbox cover.  The indented portion of the foam is 
where the second tab was supposed to be to match up with a grommet in the 

#2 - I had a thick rubber gas line leading to a large, clear fuel filter. 
This is the line they used to replace it.

#3 - Finally, the tiny fuel filter they used

I'm going to call them later and see what they are willing to do to resolve 
this.  I really needed this bike running reliably since i have to take the 
Jeep apart to fix the brakes.  I'll even overlook the cosmetic damage if 
they just get it running right!  I was charged for 2.6 hrs labor, and the 
mechanic said he must have had twice that in actual work time.  are these 
carbs really that hard to work on?

by the way.....anyone have a spare airbox cover I can purchase?

Michael (VERY upset) in Holley, NY

PS.  Thanks for listening to my rant.
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