Bike's back - an update

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Wed May 4 12:46:49 PDT 2011


The rev problem is a vacuum leak.  Either he didn't get the intake
boots on securely or he left a cap off of the synchronization inlets,
like the one the tank vacuum tube feeds off of.  Find that problem and
you'll probably find most of the running problems.  If it's not
obvious, spray some WD 40 into each one of the intake boots until the
engine rev's up, that's the one that is leaking.

Charles S.

On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 1:04 PM, blackbear at
<blackbear at> wrote:
> Ok.....slightly more positive update.
> got home from work and, for a wonder, the monsoons were holding off.
> started the bike (took a little grinding and many attempts to catch), and let it idle for a bit.
> At first, it would still stumble if I snapped the throttle open (approx from 1500 to 3k RPMs), but it felt as if it wasn't quite as much as last night.
> So, being the foolhardy idiot I am, I took it for a quick ride around the block.  Low and behold (love that phrase) the stumbling seemed to smooth out.
> so....back home, grab the gear, lock the shed and house, and off for a quick wake up ride.
> I put about 10 miles on it, and the stumbling seemed to disappear.  Yes, he still runs rougher than when I first bought him, but he runs!
> then I noticed that there was almost no engine braking at all.  Rev up, pull in the clutch, and the RPMs stayed right around where they were, then oh so slowly would drop off.
> Hmm....this is wierd.
> Get back home, back in the shed, let it idle while I check the book.
> Non-CA should idle around 1k RPMs...Talyn is idling around 1500 RPMs.  The choke is off, so I use the idle adjustment knob on the left side to drop his idle down to roughly 1k (it's slightly higher but close enough).
> Now, when I rev up to 3k, it drops off like I remember.
> I'll have to take him out for another ride...but not now.  I almost dropped it three times getting in and out of the shed because all the rain turned my yard into a mudbog.
> I'm still thinking of replacing that thin blue hose with a true 3/8s fuel line hose and a larger filter, unless everyone thinks what is there now will be sufficient?
> Michael (in a slightly better mood) in Holley, NY
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