I think the time has come...and will go ;)

Alexander Finger af at genevainformation.ch
Fri May 6 02:01:31 PDT 2011

> a day or two.  I'll still hang around and perhaps will get the bug again
> like the last time I was bikeless.  That time lasted about 2 months.

Wait for spring. My time without the bike lasted from 2001 to 2003. I
moved into the alps, spring came and with it the urge to ride :)

I had a look on the swiss used motorcycle market yesterday night -
I'll ride the GPZ until it falls apart (hopefully not while riding)
and go again for a 7-10 year old bike..the prices are unbeatable low
and apparantly a lot of people do not really put any miles on their
bikes (I saw a BMW R from 2001 with 18k (km) on it?)..and once they
touch the 10 years, prices really drop.


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