Out of lurk mode............SHIMS, Now more trouble!

Tom Wheeler the74impala at hotmail.com
Sat May 21 22:29:28 PDT 2011

Not quite a year, and I am finally tearing things apart.....  
I think the shims are going to work out good.  I settled on DennisKirk.com.  They had 5 packs of each size, and I only needed 4 different sizes, so it was the easiest, cheapest way I found to do it.  I also ordered an ignition advancer also.  Guess I should have asked if anyone had one cheap here considering how many no longer have a geeper.  Anyhow, I decided I would clean things up and inspect the carbs, since I was having some idle issues , about a year and a half ago.  I can't believe I have not ridden in that long.  A little kid sure changes what you have time for.  Now if only I knew the best way to unhook the throttle cables.  I got the choke off fine, but those 2 together are going to kill me, or I might end up having to purchase new ones when I destroy them.  Are you supposed to remove them from the handle to get slack?  Separate them at the adjustment, or am I too stupid to continue on.  The manual was no use to my brain.  I initially thought I would just take off the airbox and clean it, then reality hit, and I figured I should check out the carbs anyhow, since they have to come off too.  I am going to put a new chain and sprockets, as well as do the rear suspension maintenance that someone suggested one time to utilize a chain without needed to put a link in it myself.  I was planning on going up to the 51 tooth rear.  I have looked at a sidewinder set, and they are a little high, but they claim "I will not need another chain for many tens of thousands of miles" if I use their setup....  Still looking around.
Really need help on the throttle cables, I have to be making it harder than it is.
Louisville, KY
PS, If you are still listening, Thanks for The Amazing Valvulator™ Rickard, worked great!
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> That's handy website, thanks!
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> I speak not from actual experience (yet, but very soon!), but my
> understanding is that the more-recent Japanese bikes generally use one of
> two diametric sizes - 7.48mm and 9.48mm.
> Also - HotCams kits are available all over the place, and even better, if
> you know about the right size range you need, you can get a "refill kit" for
> cheaper than a whole kit.
> Here's one site: http://www.procycle.us/hotcams/valve_shims.htm
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> > I seem to remember a list member saying that the same shims were used in
> > a Suzuki (GXSR?) and they were a lot cheaper than Kawi's
> >
> > Art in TO
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> > ZZR1200 uses the same shims, as does the ZRX1200
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