Got to ride a Concours 14

Dennis gpzeer at
Mon May 23 11:27:06 PDT 2011

The Kawasaki demo ride truck made a stop in Salt Lake City this weekend, so I took the opportunity to ride the Concours 14.  I have had my eye on the 14 as a potential replacement for the GPZ someday, so it was good to get to ride one.  The ride did not change my mind one bit.  That is an awesome bike.  Lots of smooth power and it feels surprisingly spry for such a large bike.  The power windshield was interesting, but made to much noise in the helmet at the high setting, so I left it all the way down.  I am sure full up would be nice in the rain though. The heated grips came on nice and strong even through my medium weight leather gloves.  Now if I just had an extra 15K laying around . . um well maybe someday. But it would have to be a RED one.

Dennis Peterson
95  RED
Orem, UT USA

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