No more poker runs... Head gasket kablooey...

Paul Heim pmheimjr at
Tue May 24 01:43:42 PDT 2011

I just remembered that this was what I did last time.  I left the cables 
attached until I had the entire carb rack removed from the bike (I was 
re-jetting) and then reattached the cables before installing the carbs.  Too 
bad I didn't remember to do the same with the fuel line.  I had to pull the 
carbs a second time to attach that.

Paul in Ohio

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The only way I've found yet Tom is the hard one... pulling the carbs
entirely, turning them over and installing the darned thing with them loose
on the bench. When I put the carb bank back in it looks like I'm shoving an
octopus into a coffee can, but it worked ok last time. ;-)

Don in GJ 

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