project getting done

Tom Wheeler the74impala at
Mon May 30 22:04:48 PDT 2011

Well I finally got the carbs back on. I unhooked them from the throttle grip and ripped it out. Now I have to hook it back to the grip. I replaced the fuel line from the carbs to the filter I have been running. It had too much tension before. I sprayed out the carbs, and the bowls, but had a concern about the top of one of them. There was a hole in the black lid that comes off covering the spring and diaphram. Does that need to be really strong (epoxy) or just dust proof (a little gasket sealer). I don't see that it actually has vacuum pressure on it, but not sure. It had a hole before I took it off, and the fragments were on the diaphram, so it must have happened long ago. Any ideas there would be great.

I did a home made fender eliminator on it. I always thought the rear looked too dumpy. I like what I have now, though it might look a little home-made. I will post pix later.

I have cleaned everything prior to putting it all back together. The second set of shims are on the way. I got them from Kirk the first time too, but somehow ordered 1.xx not 2.xx - AAARRRGGGGG.  I didn't figure it out until I still had lots of clearance after placing the first one in...

I cracked my cowl a little bit more rolling it out to wash some parts. The turn signal came out (no backing plate) but still left a big fissure. I will probably take it off and do some repair from the inside for now, then deal with the cosmetics later. 

I am still looking at what chain and sprocket to get. I thought about getting a 47 and 51 rear if I go with a less than high dollar route, and switch them out as needed, but likely just go back stock, since I want to take a trip or two this summer. Anyone know where to find one without the final link missing? I will probably remove the swing arm, lube it up and put the new chain in. I would rather not have to screw around with the link install.

Thanks for all the help so far. Hopefully I will have it running in the next couple of weeks depending on how much time I have away from working.

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