Plugged tire

Randy noneofyourbusiness tuner_delorean at
Sat Sep 17 05:22:55 PDT 2011

I highly recomend patching from the inside, never had good luck with the rope patches, for 4 wheel vehicle nor 2 wheel, at least not for more than maybe getting me home. the mushroom plugs look good, but I dont have any experience with them.
as for me I wouldnt travel over 50 miles in any direction, & only low at low speed on  back roads, & by that I mean 55mph or under, not interstate speeds with 70 to 80+ mph, with a rope patch. high speeds mean more heat. more flexing, & rope seal leaking down, or slinging out.
with inside patches I have never had problems, I cant remember any problems from anyone I know either. would I run a inside patch? been running one for most of summer on my GPZ on rear, roughly 8,000 miles. my front tire has a hole in it & I am running with a hole instead of fixing, I picked up a tire but havent had time to replace, working 7 days a week, today is first day off in 3 weeks, I am going to a family reunion today, & will be replacing the tire tomorrow on Sunday, the tire only leaks 3 or so psi per day, & I havent left town with it. the hole is size of a needle & I would have to drill it out to plug it, & then I wouldnt trust it, & tire was nearly slick, so I just added air every day that  I ride it. & been doing that a couple weeks, & about 500 miles of riding.
plenty of people have had good luck with rope seals, but its your life, & what kind of chances you want to take. if a sudden flat occurs, can you handle it & not wreck? a biker I know he goes to my church, had a plug come out on his Harley a few weeks ago, a rear tire, he was lucky, & ran into a rain gulley & kept it upright. & he is first I have heard of in many years. but what if traffic or no place to go?
good luck,

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Subject: Plugged tire
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Date: Saturday, September 17, 2011, 1:31 AM

Hey guys,
Have any of you done serious miles on a plugged tire?
Picked up a nail today in my rear tire, near the middle. Pulled it out and plugged it (rope type).
I have to ride from New Orleans to Houston tomorrow. Expect to be doing mostly 75-80 on the superslab with maybe short bursts of 90-100 where appropriate.
I've been scouring forums on the web and the findings are nof conclusive. As many naysayers as people who scoff at them.
Any real life experiences from members of the list?
Randy in New Orleans
zzr 1200
former GPZ1100 owner.
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