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I installed a relay kit years ago from:


You could shop around and maybe get all the pieces parts cheaper but it's 
not worth it.  I got the plug-n-play kit with all the correct connectors 
supplied and good instructions.  It's especially good since I now run grip 
heaters off the original light circuit.

Paul in Ohio

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The brown wire is the main wire between the ign s/w and fusebox. So Irrc it 
carries all the switched circuits at the fusebox. besides the wire being 
wimpy, barrel type connectors aren't that great.
As Bill said - add a relay in the headlight circuit to take some load off. 
Especially if you have a higher wattage bulb.
Don't forget to clean and crimp the connector tighter.

pete S


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I couldn't find in the archives, but wasn't there a rewiring solution for 
the too-narrow gauge main wiring (brown)?  IIRC, it involved wiring in a 
Any listers recall this?  It's come up because I was going over the bike and 
saw some corrosion.  She'll still start an run ok, but I'd rather not be 

'95 GPZ


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