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Sat Apr 21 13:28:49 PDT 2012

I knew cars were more expensive in Denmark, I guess I never thought that applied to bikes as well. 160k, definitely a record you can keep. :-)

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Sorry to hear about Ron. He was an active and highly appreciated member 
of this list. May he Rest In Peace.

@ Richie:
You are nowhere near the record :-) You oughta know that motorcycles are 
way more expensive in Denmark than in Sweden. 160.000 DKK (28.374 USD in 
today's exchange rate) is what I paid in 1997. Beat that! (but I guess 
you'd rather not :-) )

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Den 21-04-2012 19:31, Richie skrev:
> Sad news indeed. I guess we're not getting any younger. :-(
> On a slightly more upbeat note, I took Esmeralda out of winter storage today. Had to wiggle the ignition key a bit, but then she started right up. 16 years old with close to 90 000 km on the clock. BTW, as I recall I paid around $14000 in 1997 dollars for her - probably some kind of record. :-)
> / Richie
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> I got some sad news this morning that long time GPZ lister Ron Jordan
> passed away yesterday.
> Ron was a good guy who had a heart of gold.  Not many people put more
> miles on a GPZ than Ron.  Many of you will remember him from the
> Durango rallies.
> Godspeed Ron.
> Charles S.

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