Carb problems

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Wed Apr 25 13:16:22 PDT 2012

You should be able to buy the stock springs from any dealer or online,
can try as they have online Kawasaki diagrams to order from.
I know what you mean about a tiny bit getting lost in the garage.  I looked
for days to find my license plate sticker which fell out of my service
manual while I was working in the garage....

About your carb problem, that IS bizarre, given it ran well for awhile, was
that on the choke ???  If you were on the choke to the station, and then
took it off, that indicates problems with the idle circuits (jets being
plugged).  More info, how far did you ride, were you on the choke, did you
take the choke off after refueling, we'll get it figured out.



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I am going nuts again messing with carbs.  I put a stage 1 Dynojet on it the
same time I did an ignition advance and adjusted the valves.  It took it out
and it ran great all the way to the gas station.  Then on starting it up
again, it ran like crap again.  I have a good filter on it so I don't think
it is the gas (also VERY high traffic station).  
Now 6 months later, I am tearing it apart to check for junk in the carbs and
I lose a carb spring.  HOW DO YOU DO THAT?  I have looked everywhere, and it
is not there.  Crazy!
Anyhow, anyone know where to buy just the stock springs so I can put it back
together?  I have looked and looked and I can't help but wonder if some
crazy squirrel took it as a prize. 
Any tips on home made carb synching?

I just moved to Northern Wisconsin so if I ever get this running right
anyone close?
TomIn the North Woods 		 	   		  
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