tire review

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at gmavt.net
Sun Aug 5 08:29:07 PDT 2012

After scrubbing in the new Dunlop Roadsmart IIs, and taking things a bit
easy for about 100 miles, I began to ride in earnest.  Now with about 500
miles on them, these are the things I've noticed:

1.  Turn-in is much faster than with my old Sportmax/205s.  I'd gotten
pretty used to the lazy responses from the old rubber, and learned very
quickly the new tires want to turn *right now*.  Not in a bad or twitchy
way, but I found I had to back off my level of steering input when entering
sweepers.  I was constantly having to correct the line with the old tires,
and the old tires also wanted some serious input at the beginning of the
curve.  The new tires had me turning much too soon and much too quickly.
 Now that I'm used to the difference, I love 'em. I can also ride harder
and more aggressively, and do so with more confidence, too.  These new
tires really grab the road.

2.  They ride a bit harder than my old tires.  The front also emits a faint
hum around 40 mph.  Not a deal breaker, just something I've noticed.

3.  I used to have a nasty head shake the moment I took both hands off the
bars, even if just for a split second.  Checked and rechecked the steering
head/bearings and everything was fine.  All it took was very slight
pressure on the bars to eliminate the problem, but it was something I
always had to be aware of.  Well, it seems that was purely tire related
(out of balance, perhaps?).  Front end is now as smooth as can be.  Not
that I spend a lot of time with both hands off the bars, but sometimes
you've gotta make an … adjustment while riding, and sometimes that takes
two hands …

4.  No idea how they are in the rain.  We simply haven't had any to speak
of.  Will keep you posted.

Drew in VT

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