? for any od you that know about old Hondas

masonjs at nrtco.net masonjs at nrtco.net
Thu Dec 6 13:33:06 PST 2012

There a 1959 Honda 125 Benly twin "barn fresh" on a local "for sale" 
site.  Its supposed to mostly complete.  At $300.00 it sounds like a 
decent deal.  I'm wanting to know where to check for serial #s or how 
to date the bike.


On Monday 12/11/2012 at 7:32 pm, schnowz  wrote:
> Thats a bummer Ralph. The sound of trees cracking in the night is a 
> little unsettling. I have my neighbors trees leaning over my house and 
> in a storm prior to Sandy I had one that was further away snap in half 
> and come crashing down. I was waiting for the thud but it missed the 
> house.
>  Randy the majority of the oil collects in the spark plug recess in 
> the head effecting the ceramic. I know it shouldn't, but I think maybe 
> it penetrates between the cerramic and the metal body also. In the 
> past I''ve seen brown marks on the ceramic at this junction. Could 
> also just be from the spark tracking on the outside..
> Maybe once the plug starts missing it builds up contaminents on the 
> inside porcelin also.
> Pete S
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