1959 Honda Benly 125 twin

masonjs at nrtco.net masonjs at nrtco.net
Fri Dec 7 12:46:44 PST 2012

After seeing this beauty in person I have surmised it is not a 1959 
Benly 125 twin.  Would have been a nice find at $300.00.
>From the model and serial #s its a late '60s Benly 160 or the baby 
Dream.  Its not a model I would like to restore.  Its missing its 
ignition switch ($400.00 on EBay), both tank badges ($?), both side 
covers ($?), top of the left side switch cover.  The mufflers are shot 
and are $400.00 @.  I don't think this model nand year would bring 
much more than $3000.00 as a restored runner and I can see at least 
that in parts and paint and another project that I put a hundred or so 
hours out of the goodness of my heart.
Then I could always just get the engine running and unload it on some 
other fool wanting to play with it as a losing proposition.  Parting 
it out could also be very profitable.  But I'm trying to down size by 
turning the cottage into a house and sell the house.
Then there is the problem of hiding it so Marilyn doesn't see it.


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