motorcycle trailers

Lizca luna1956 at
Sat Mar 10 22:00:13 PST 2012

Hi Randolph
I seen them and I am actually in Daytona Bike Week right now and have not heard very good thinks about it here. Apparently they work good for short trip or to move your bike around town.
I was thinking about getting one myself but I never trailer my bikes so after these reviews I am planning to do more research before I spend the money
I will keep you posted ;)

Randolph Peters <arpee44 at> wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>I am thinking of investing in a motorcycle trailer and then saw on Ebay a kind of dolly that hooks up to a trailer hitch and raises the front wheel while the rear rolls on the road.
>Its called a "Slick Willie".
>Anybody ever used one?
>What do you all think of it?
>See photo here.
>Thanks for your feedback
>Randy from New Orleans
>2005 zzr 1200
>Former Gpz 1100 owner.
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