Pulled the Plug!..

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Sat Mar 17 21:24:58 PDT 2012

Aloha Ron,

The bike may have moved on, but Mr. Highmiler will live on this list for 
So what was the final milage when you sold it?


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> Hey Petey!
> I recently also sold my GPZ i ncase I hadn't already told you so.  I too, 
> am glad to have sold it to a young guy who seemed to be in earnest and 
> all's well that end's well.  I'm happy to have met you Roberto, Charles 
> and and all the rest of you GPz guys in this time.  It has been a ball 
> and we'll have memories that will last over time, yours being longer than 
> mine.
> Take care good friend.
> Ron Jordan

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