Bike-to-bike communication

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Sat Mar 24 13:23:45 PDT 2012

The Wife and I are trying to plan (far) ahead for some longer trips this
summer, me on the GPZ and she on her old Honda VTX 500.   We're really
curious about anyone's experiences with bike-to-bike communication systems.
 Since she and I both wear full face helmets, I'm not sure how well these
systems will work for us.  We debated simply using our iPhones and ear
buds, but I can't stand to ride without ear plugs, and ear buds just plain
irritate my ears about 45 minutes or so, anyway.   I'm also a bit concerned
about potential damage to the helmets, or damage to the units if we get
caught in a downpour.



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