Botched Re-jet for high altitudes?

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COOL! Yes, it is an 1100. If you live in Longmont, then you may know of Georgia Boys BBQ. My son, Nick, is one of the owners. I'm sure there would be a meal in it for you. I've Cc'd him, he's probably at GB today. Much appreciated.

Mark R

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I actually live in Longmont!  I re-jetted my '95 with a DynoJet kit.  They didn't have a high altitude specific model, but the tech was very helpful and sold a regular dynojet kit with a few extra parts.  I know I have the box down in the garage somewhere and can dig it up and see if I can determine what the set up was.  Going riding today but we can talk about it next week.  FYI - I have a Muzzy adjustable ignition advancer and found that I could run it a maximum advance which really helped out the lower end RPM.  Is your son's bike an 1100?  Send me your son's contact information and I'll see what I can do to help out.  Sorry Kawasaki screwed it up, you'd think they would know how to do it!


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My son, whos living out in Longmont, CO, just had Rocky Mountain Kawasaki rejet his 94 GPz for its new altitude (was a Minnesota bike). Hes now reporting that his low end power is nearly goneplenty of high RPM punch though. The bikes not really ride-able in this state. It had a mild ignition advancer installed long ago, doubt that this is a factor. More likely the dealer botched it. Does anyone have the jetting recipe for this bike at these altitudes? 

Thanks in Advance!
Mark R
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