Summer trips

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Sat May 12 08:57:22 PDT 2012

I have two trips planned for this summer:

1. The 7. International GPZ Forentreffen near Weimar, Germany during 
Whitsun. There are going to be around 21 bikes of which about 7 are what 
it's all about: The GPZ 1100. Most of the riders who used to own one but 
replaced it with something else are still part of the forum. Weimar is 
located in Thüringen (the former East Germany), some 700 km (435 miles) 
from where I live. It's a green and hilly place with great roads for 
riding. I'll bring my neighbour's daughter on the back seat as my 
personal translator - her secondary language in Uni is German :-) I can 
get along in German on a tourist level, but it does take several beers 
to get into discussions about the meaning of life etc ;-)

2. In late June I'll go to one of my absolute favorites in Europe: The 
Pyrenees, the mountain range between France and Spain. I am going to 
criss-cross the mountains almost from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic 
Ocean, crossing the border between France and Spain several times, 
including Andorra, which is a sovereign state in the mountains. The 
Pyrenees are about 2000 km from where I live, but on the way down I'll 
cut the distance with about 1700 km by catching an Auto Train from 
Hamburg, north Germany to Narbonne, southern France. I'll ride all the 
way home, and if time permits I'll go via the French Alps, travelling on 
some of the roads that will see Tour de France just a couple of weeks 
later. Coming from a country where the highest peak is 561 ft above mean 
sea level I'm really looking forward to this trip :-)

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 11-05-2012 23:30, Charles Scappaticci skrev:
> Anyone have any summer riding trips planned?  I've got a couple and
> would like to hear of any others who are heading out on a long ride.
> I will be in Durango/Silverton the last week of July riding with an
> old friend from my home town who has some serious health issues and
> might not be around in a few years so we are going to tow down (he's
> limited in how long he can ride) and spend some time together and ride
> the loop and do a little off roading in a rented UTV.
> I'm also scheduled for a long week off the end of June and first
> couple of days in July and am giving some serious thought to dropping
> by to see Chuck Driscoll in Helena MT, and then heading north up into
> the Canadian Rockies like I did a few years ago, but hopefully with a
> little better weather.  At least I've got heated grips now and more on
> bike storage to make it a little easier.  My 2008 trip was one of the
> best motorcycle experiences I've had and really want to get away from
> it all again.  No job, no kids, no ex (wife or girlfriend), nothing
> but me, my GPZ and some amazing scenery.
> Any one else?
> Charles S.
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