balmy day here

Randolph Peters arpee44 at
Sun Nov 11 17:52:10 PST 2012

Hi Pete,
Glad you guys are over the hump. Hope normalcy comes fast.
Having had the Katrina experience I know what you guys are going through.
Hang in there.
BTW the oil on the plug was it on the electrodes?
Because the figure 8 leakage should on principle only mess up the ceramic top.
I too have a figure 8 leak but am planning not to tackle it until I do my next valve adjust.
Take care.


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Subject: balmy day here
A nice 60F . That beats the Hrricane and snow storm weve had the last 2 weeks. Lost power in thein Sandy and got it back to loose it again in the snow storm.
How's things in Long Island Ralph? Still have gas lines? It made me realize maybe its better to go with Propane when I get a generator.
 The Geeper was having power problems of it's own today. 3 times it didn't want to start when hot. It gets oil on one spark plug from the figure 8 leaking. I didn't have any new gaskets but cleaned and gapped the plugs which should keep it running for a couple of more months I hope.
 I also found the Alternator connector under the rear of the tank had melted. I could'nt even unplug it because it had deformed so I cut the wire and soldered it. Hope it holds.. I had the same problem with my Honda.
 Thanks to all you Vets out there.
  Pete S
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