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Wed Oct 3 17:54:30 PDT 2012

lol. you can always tinker with 2 strokes? get a nice old 2 stroke lawnboy, or other fun to use 2 stroke.
 some years ago, a place priced all there 2cycle gallons for $2.99, I knew it was priced wrong, so I inquired, they about told me off, & told me it was priced correctly, so I bought it all, then they did the same with the next batch, & I bought it all again, the next batch however, they priced at 18.99 a gallon.. lol. I guess they finally saw the bills for what it cost them? I had a 2 stroke boat that it was oil injected,  so I didnt mind stockpiling, & I didn't notice any problems with it, unfortunately I sold the boat some time ago, I am wanting another boat, anyway when mixing oil with gas it lowers octane, some engines really need premium when you mix, & real gas preferably. I still have 6 to 7 gallons of that 2 cycle oil left, I guess I will be another 4 to 5 years unless I get another boat.:)
I use 20 to 30 plus gallons through my leaf blowers every fall, what I save in not having a yard to mow, I make up for in being a slave to the leaves, my home is surrounded by dozens of 100'+ tall trees, already dreading, they are starting to fall this week. my other stuff, I use maybe 5 gallons a year for chainsaws, & weedeater.
you do know the gas goes bad faster when it is mixed with oil?

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"Now I have 9 gallons of fuel 
for my weed wacker and chain saws plus a liter of combined oil that 
will only be good to mix another 10 gallons of weedwacker/chainsaw 
fuel.  This should last me for about 6 years.

Whack away Jim - just don't let the Nuns catch you.

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