More about engine not working off choke.

Randolph Peters arpee44 at
Sat Oct 6 21:05:16 PDT 2012

Well guys, 
It seems I have to take the plunge and pull the carbs.
Nothing has changed the status quo. I changed plugs, fuel filter, used new gas and stuck the fuel intake hose into a can of Seafoam for a few mintes while revving and leaving it overnight to attack the goo as advised on another list.
Nothing doing.
So I plan to pull and dismantle the carbs tomorrow. Only problem is that I'm away from my garage in Louisiana with all my tools, especially my pilot screw "L" screwdriver.
So I plan to leave the pilot screws intact.
And use canned compressed air, used to clean computer keyboards, to blow out orifices and jets.
While reading the manual pre-project I read with some concern words to the effect that "the carburettor contains internal plastic parts and low flash-point cleaners would damage them".
I had planned to use laquer thinner.
Any one knows of a "safe" carburettor cleaner? Äre the carburettor and intake manifold spray cleaners of this ilk?
I would be grateful for any "do's" and "don'ts" from experienced carb rebuilders.

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