More about engine not working off choke.

John Soliday johnsoliday at
Sun Oct 7 07:51:26 PDT 2012

I'd suggest taking the pilot fuel jets out and letting them soak overnight
in carb cleaner as that is what your symptoms suggest is plugged up.  I've
used standard spray carb cleaner to no ill effects on mine so I wouldn't
worry too much about the warning verbage.  If you can get a can of carb
cleaner, the type with a basket in it to soak the parts in, that stuff is
golden.  Keep us up to date!


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Well guys,
It seems I have to take the plunge and pull the carbs.
Nothing has changed the status quo. I changed plugs, fuel filter, used new
gas and stuck the fuel intake hose into a can of Seafoam for a few mintes
while revving and leaving it overnight to attack the goo as advised on
another list.
Nothing doing.
So I plan to pull and dismantle the carbs tomorrow. Only problem is that I'm
away from my garage in Louisiana with all my tools, especially my pilot
screw "L" screwdriver.
So I plan to leave the pilot screws intact.
And use canned compressed air, used to clean computer keyboards, to blow out
orifices and jets.
While reading the manual pre-project I read with some concern words to the
effect that "the carburettor contains internal plastic parts and low
flash-point cleaners would damage them".
I had planned to use laquer thinner.
Any one knows of a "safe" carburettor cleaner? Äre the carburettor and
intake manifold spray cleaners of this ilk?
I would be grateful for any "do's" and "don'ts" from experienced carb
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