Tire Pressure

Steve Clark clarks at nbnet.nb.ca
Fri Oct 12 18:28:04 PDT 2012

Rear: 40 - 42 PSI Cold.  Why - less pressure means more heat build up and 
that equals more wear.  The other reason you would run 40 - 42 PSI is to 
ensure the groove / tread edges do not round over, they need to stay sharp 
to provide the greatest grip possible in the rain.   If you are doing a 
track day 30 PSI is good front and rear and there will be some tire wear but 
not much.

Front: 33 -36 PSI Cold.  Different construction methods can make a tire more 
or less harsh feeling so a couple of PSI less can make the tire feel more 
compliant.  30 PSI great for the track but to low to keep your tread grooves 
sharp for the best rain weather performance.

As a note: Pirrelli Race Turbines are set to 32 PSI cold front and rear to 
ensure the tire can not deform and round over the groove edges.

Note 2:  Street tires, how good are they.  Better than you can imagine.  I 
would say about 93 to 95% of your pace on race tires on a race track with 
only one problem - when the front slides they give very little warning 
before you hit the track surface, eliminating all the money saved using less 
costly street tires on the track.

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