front tire wear

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Hi Randy

I noted my GPz would do similar on Michelin Pilot roads over time.  I would
get about 12,000 KM (about 7000 miles) and they would be done.  Sometimes a
little more, sometimes less.

Front would take on a \_/ a "v" with a flat bottom so transition from
straight to any lean angle was an abrupt change instead of rolling into it,
tracking would get twitchy and would want to wander.
The rear would go from its nice round profile to a |__| very square profile.
Between the two of them at the end of life any lean angle / direction
changes would be awkward as the front was fighting the rear as one wanted to
lean the other not so much.

This was just what I considered "regular" wear for me.  Almost all of riding
is solo minimal loading but I like to use throttle out of corners and drop
hard into and run around corners and in the mountains that is a frequent
part of any of my rides.  I always used the suggested pressure of 32 psi
front 38 rear.

The Pilot Road II was a 2 compound front is the Roadsmart a 2 compound tire?
As for the greater wear on one side over the other, could be as simple as
you turn more to the left on the routes you run than to the right or are
more aggressive on left hand curves over right.  The second is not uncommon
as most people tend to favor one over the other or it just could be the
roads you ride.

I would still double check all the basics as mentioned by others just to be

Paul W. Landry
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Hi Listers,
I'm perplexed by a weird wear pattern on my front tire (Dunlop Roadsmart,
5000 approx. miles). There is a high ridge in the center on either side of
which is a concave band before going outwards to raised edge bands. In
addition the wear is not symmetrical.  I hope you can see the profile from
these photos.
The usual cupping (digs between transverse thread grooves) is not present.
I think that this is responsible for front wiggle at high speeds and
inability to steer a straight line at crawl speeds.
Any idea what may have caused this?
Thanks for your input.
Randy from New Orleans
ZZR 1200
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