All dogs go to Heaven

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It's been just over a year since I had to make the same decision with my 13 
year old black lab, Abbey.  I had put it off for far too long and realized 
it afterward.  I still miss her but overall it was a relief to know she 
wasn't suffering any more.  Dogs give far more than they take from us.

Paul in Ohio

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Well, I put down Casey, my 15 yr old chocolate lab, today.  She was riddled
with cancer, had laryngeal paralysis, and as of this morning, couldn't stand
on her hind legs.  Despite all of that, she still wagged her tail every time
she saw me, even today, and right before the doctor administered the lethal
dose, she licked my face as if to say goodbye.

I was never allowed to have pets growing up, so she was my first dog.  She
was a good dog and I loved her dearly.  I am crying tears of sadness for
myself, but tears of joy for her, because she's not suffering anymore.  Dogs
don't deserve to suffer, especially after all of the love that they share
unconditionally with their families.  I miss her fiercely already.

I know she's in a better place now, because for the first time in years
she's chasing rabbits at full speed again... in Heaven.  For that, and for
15 years of joy having had her as my dear pet, I am grateful.

Goodbye Casey, happy hunting!!

Bill in Yardley, PA

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