Tire near Washington, DC, Blue Ridge Parkway Trip, brake parts.

Philip Hamm philbike20 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 11 07:11:47 PDT 2013

Three subjects for the GPz list for today.
(1) Tire near Washington, DC
A couple months ago I got a screw in my Metzeler Marathon rear tire.  Bad luck.  I went to my local shop Loudoun Motorsports and they happened to have a Dunlop Qualifier tire in stock; last year's model, heavily discounted.  Very unusual for me to be able to buy a tire off the showroom floor.  The GPz tire size is unusual enough that I've always had to order a tire.   I got it for $120 - cheap for such a nice tire.  Sportiest tire I've ever run on this bike, and it actually works fine with the touring compound Marathon on the front.  I was in the shop yesterday and noticed that they have another one - Dunlop Qualifier 170/60ZR17, and it's discounted to just $100!!!  I'm sure it's an older tire, but it's still new enough to be fine for riding on.  If anyone near Washington, DC needs a rear tire, head to Loudoun Motorsports!
(2) Blue Ridge Parkway trip
I'm heading down the Blue Ridge Parkway leaving from the tippy top of the parkway on Wed. May 29.  I'll be at the top of the parkway at about 11AM.  Probably staying at the LaQuinta inn in Boone, NC that night.  Next three nights in Gatlinburg hanging out with the Dodge Viper club.  The trip will be with a couple friends who own Vipers.  Back to Boone, NC La Quinta for Sunday night then returning on Monday June 3.  If any GPzers would like to join me for any or all of the trip you would be welcome.  It would be nice to have two-wheeled company since I'll be with cars.  If you've never done the BRP or the Tail of the Dragon you need to.  The BRP on a weekday after a holiday weekend is going to be *empty*. Absolutely the best time to run it.  I think last year we saw well under 50 other vehicles the whole first day from the top of the Parkway to Boone, NC.
I'm tempted to do burnouts and generally abuse the living crap out of my rear tire so I can pick up that one in the showroom at Loudoun.
I'll bring my DSLR and take lots of pictures and upload some to the GPz Flickr site that I just joined.
(3) Brake parts.
I need front brake lines and a replacement master cylinder in the front.  Any specific recommendations would be appreciated on acquiring these items.
Ride safe!-Philip Hamm in Northern VA 		 	   		  

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